An Uncomfortable Situation for Brian

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Almost everyone, at one time or another, finds himself in a situation which he would rather have avoided. Brian's experience in Brighton was such an uncomfortable one that he is likely to remember it for many years.




It's called the Study Centre or something.

to lecture on how to use an overhead projector and on how to use the language laboratory

in the top flat of a block down the road from the school

It all went off quite well.

He doesn't really know which is which.

particularly uncomfortable because all the furniture was piled up

He went through the key ring.

I went up to what I thought was the top flat.

You feel uncomfortable to start with.

books on biology, chemistry and botany

It looks as if he's either spring-cleaning or preparing to go away on holiday.

Mr Brooks had taken it to the school for the day

Not only were there weird books ...

I don't know what's going on.

The people ... are very fussy about their furniture.

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Now that you have heard Brian's story, please answer the following questions.

  1. What were the subjects on which Brian was to lecture at the Study Centre?
  2. What three things did the Director of the School expect Brian to do at his flat during the afternoon?
  3. Where did the Director live?
  4. What made Brian feel particularly uncomfortable when he went into the flat?
  5. What did Brian think was the meaning of the state of the flat when he went in?
  6. What were the subjects of the books which Brian saw on the bookshelves in the flat?
  7. Where did Brian sit and read the newspaper?
  8. Did Brian have the key to the flat on the top floor?
  9. Why was Brian disinclined to spend the rest of the afternoon walking round Brighton?
  10. Why was the dog not in the flat when Brian went there?

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