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The Lucky Story of the Holiday Money 2/3

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01-2.mp3 Tom: involved?
Mary: Well, , you know. travellers' , you see, a few pounds.
02-2.mp3Tom: ?
Mary: , (God!) Erm, . back we went .
03-2.mp3. Erm, , 'Well, . Your best bet Consul, er, .'
04-2.mp3Erm, , , er, , which . (Quite!)
05-2.mp3 struck us have , , (Ah, of course) (Mhm)
06-2.mp3 'Where do camp-site?', obviously .
07-2.mp3Tom: you'd had it?
Mary: Yes, indeed, (Mm) , erm, (Mm) . (Mhm)
08-2.mp3, er, John and and went all through (laughter) .
09-2.mp3 sort of green-coloured (Yeah) which one (Yeah)
10-2.mp3 across , -ledge , sticking out underneath her.
11-2.mp3 work out her to see. persuaded directions .
12-2.mp3 at all mat (Oh) obviously .

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