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Paronyms (Part 5)


This wine the food perfectly. (PRESENT)
I take it as a to be asked to speak.
He us with tickets for the exhibition. (PAST)
He gives you his .
The plane had received its full of passengers.

2. COMPETE (v), COMPLETE (adj)
There was a blackout on today's discussions.
The students for scholarships. (PRESENT)
edition of Shakespeare's works.
Only amateurs are permitted to in the Olympic games.

He established himself as a leading .
From 1966 to 1971 replanted 151 fingers.
The barked "Attention!"
The new recruit got the treatment from a brutal .

4. MARRY (v), MERRY (adj)
She above her station.
I wish you a Christmas.
Not yet? You're well out of it .
They grew on wine.
She became involved with a man.
Robin Hood and his men.

5. `OBJECT (n), OB`JECT (v), `SUBJECT (n, adj), SUB`JECT (v), `ABJECT (adj)
They lived in poverty.
What's the of doing that?
How many did you carry this term?
I don't to a cup of coffee.
The plan is to modifications.
He was unwilling to himself to any inconvenience.

6. MORAL (n, adj), MORALE (adj)
A story with a .
How will his party's stand up to several years of bad news?
I have no right to do it.

7. `COMMENT (n, v), COM`MEND (v) , COM`MAND (n, v)
This book doesn't itself to me.
is needless.
He has no over himself.
She her child to her sister's care. (PAST)
She that it was time for us to go home. (PAST)
I advised him to his tempe.

8. DESK (n), DECK (n, v), DUSK (n), DUCK (n, v)
She is a perfect .
He is at his all day long.
All hands on ! = Свистать всех наверх!
These can be adjusted to the height of any child.
The streets were with flags.
I saw figures moving in the .
He tried to my question.
Fine weather for young — шутл. дождливая погода

9. LITRE (BrE) = LITER (AmE) (n), LITTER (n, v), LETTER (n, v)
The word begins with a capital .
The well yields ten thousand an hour.
The room was in such a that he was ashamed to ask me in.
Ten little pigs at a .
She in three sports in college. (PAST)
The bears his signature.

10. WONDER (a, adj), WANDER (v)
Strange whispers about the camp. (PAST)
The of modern science. (Pl.)
They were filled with at the sight of the new aircraft.
He at the delicacy of form. (PAST)
Her eyes over the dim landscape. (PAST)

11. PAT`ROL (n, v), `PETROL (n)
Bands of youths the streets on Saturday nights. (PRESENT)
A leather bag will hold water but not .
Highway police have arrived.

12. COUNSEL (n, v), COUNCIL (n), CONSUL (n)
The defence objected to the jury, so that a new one had to be sworn in.
Chairman of the of Ministers.
They instant action. (PAST)
The town has had ten houses built.
A is an official appointed by a government to live in a foreign city to look after the business and other interests of the home country and to assist and protect its nationals within the consular territory.

13. WEST (n, adj, adv), VEST (n, v)
The estate in the heir at law. (PRESENT)
The Pacific Ocean bounds California on the .
East or home is best, there is no place like home.
Fronting for interests.
A sleeveless .

carries out a death sentence ordered by the state or other legal authority, which was known in feudal terminology as high justice.
Roman Nose was never a chief, nor was he even the of any of the soldier societies.

A body or body corporate is a state or one of its subordinate civil authorities, such as a province, prefecture, county, municipality, city, etc.
Their is to satisfy the customers.
He quarrelled about with John.
He was actuated by policy rather than sentiment.
We do not approve of his in winning passage of the bill.
The ambushed the criminal and arrested him.
She surrendered her insurance .
What group is actually in power?
A man deals with democracy as a characteristic of social systems, while a man deals with challenges cunningly and easily.
are playing footsie with government officials.

Embracive political and controls.
She is of her smiles.
Black drains more than a billion dollars from the treasury.
She's taking a course in .

the Seal of the
A or fisher is someone who gathers shellfish, or captures fish and other animals from a body of water.
are one of two species that dominate the seas (the other being the Merfolk).

18. LATTER (n, adj), LATER (adj), LATEST (adj)
Of silk and nylon the is cheaper.
She was dressed after the fashion.
See you , alligator!

An Important & Message for all of Us...!!!
He's an liar!

20. FELLOW (n), FOLLOW (v)
I've found one shoe, but its is missing.
This thought me everywhere. (PRESENT)
In his art he has no .
They dinner with a liqueur. (PAST)

21. MASTER (n, v, adj), MUSTER (n, v)
Work that will pass .
He never the art of public speaking.
All the food I could .
A society that a hundred members. (PRESENT)
Is the in?
Is it the drawing?

22. MATTER (n, v), MUTTER (v)
The in your article is interesting but the style is deplorable.
Let's see how stand (pl).
Thunder among the hills. (PAST)
It a good deal to me. (PRESENT)

23. RAW [ro:] (n, v), ROW [rou] (n, v), ROW [rau] (n, v)
It does not amount to a of beans — амер. это ломаного гроша /выеденного яйца/ не стоит
Cambridge against Oxford — команда Кембриджского университета выступила в гребных гонках против команды Оксфорда
He received treatment — с ним обошлись несправедливо.
What's the ? — в чём дело?
Tariff on wool — пошлина на необработанную шерсть.
A of primroses along (by) the hedge — ряд примул вдоль изгороди.

24.SAW (n, v (sawed [so:d]; sawed, sawn)),
SEW [sou] (n, v (sewed [sqVd]; sewed, sewn))
SEW [sju:] (v (sewed [s(j)u:d])) ,
SOW [sou] (v (sowed [-d]; sowed, sown)),
SOW [sau] (n)

The trees were stripped of their bark and mechanically into planks — с деревьев содрали кору и распилили их на доски
These acres are to rice — на этой площади посеян рис
The animal's horns were off — у животного были спилены рога
As drunk as David's /as a/ — мертвецки /в доску/ пьяный
Circular — круглая /циркулярная/ пила
As a man , so shall he reap — посл. что посеешь, то и пожнёшь
May I have the loan of your -machine? — можно мне взять (на время) вашу швейную машину?

25. PIER (n), PEAR (n), PAIR (n)
A that melts in the mouth — груша, которая тает во рту
Another of shoes — совсем другое дело
We put off from the — мы отчалили от пристани
This beetle has a single of wings — у этого жука одна пара крыльев.

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