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Upper-Intermediate Reading Unit 4 Tips for Birthday

  body - the main part, the frame
bucked - moved or caused to move in a quick, jerky manner
calliopsis (called also coreopsis) - a yellow or crimson flower (of the aster family)
cans - metal containers for dust and rubbish
catch - a fastener
engraved - carved, cut, or etched a design or letters into metal, etc.
featuring - here: performing
grade - here: quality
insomnia - inability to sleep
loads of (colloq.) - plenty or lots of
Maud [mo:d]; "Come into the garden, Maud" - the first line of a poem by A. Tennyson, set to music
Melbourne ['melben] - a city in Australia
prongless - without pointed parts of a fork
ran down - stopped
reclaimed - brought back (land etc.) from a waste to a state of cul­tivation
refuse - that which is left over and not wanted
retired - here: thrown out
tip - a place where rubbish, refuse, etc. may be put
toast rack - a rack for holding at table slices of toast - slices of bread browned at each side at the fire
tramped - walked about

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