69 The Film Star

amateurs - любители
arrogant - высокомерный, надменный, заносчивый; самонадеянный
calmly - спокойно
cameraman - кинооператор
fees - гонорары
get past - пройти
handsome - красивый
luxury - роскошь
possessions - собственность, имущество
private - личный
scene - сцена, эпизод
smash hits - шлягер, боевик т. п., пользующиеся большим кассовым успехом
successful - успешный
top - максимум
unsociable - необщительный, нелюдимый, замкнутый
well - здоровый

Rocky Grant was a very famous and film star. He was extremely and an excellent actor. His films were always and they made lots of money. Rocky's last film 'Rumbol 6' made $250,000,000. As a result of this success, all the big film companies wanted Rocky to work for them, even though Rocky's were high. He never worked for less than $10,000,000 a film.
However, there was a small problem. Nobody liked working with Rocky. Film directors found him very difficult. He was so that he usually tried to tell the directors what to do. The other actors also found him impossible to work with. Rocky always complained that they were and not good enough to work with him. As a result, very few people talked to him.
Rocky was also very . He never bought drinks or presents for the people he worked with, and he never invited anybody to his huge home. The only thing that Rocky liked to do was talk about money. He talked about his houses, his planes, his collection of paintings and other . He always talked about himself. He never asked if you were or not.
One morning while they were filming a for the film 'The Last Millionaire', a young came up to Rocky. He asked Rocky politely if he would move to the side so that he could with his camera. Rocky looked angrily at the young man and started shouting at the of his voice,
"Do you know who you are talking to? I'm Rocky Grant, the world's most famous film star. I've made over one hundred films. I'm one of the world's richest men. I've got $1,000,000,000 in the bank. Now, young man. What have you got?" The cameraman listened to Rocky , then said, "_____________________________________________________________________________________."

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