68 The Dust

astonished - удивленный, изумленный
carriage - вагон
chalk dust - меловая пыль, толченый мел
eccentric - странный, чудной
ignored - игнорировал
irritated - раздраженный
kept on - продолжал
ordinary - обычный
powder - порошок
protested - возразил
quiet - тихий, спокойный
quite - очень, почти
rare - редкий
relaxing - расслабляющий, успокаивающий
scattering - разбрасывающий
sprinkled - обрызгивал, посыпал
tigers - тигры

Can you guess the last line of this story?

Mr White was sitting on a train which was travelling from Glasgow to London. The train was empty and so Mr White was finding the journey enjoyable and . At Birmingham, a man with a long beard got onto the train. He looked a little . He had pink trousers, a yellow shirt with a green tie, a silver hat, orange socks and bright red shoes.
After a few minutes the man opened a small brown bag and took out some fine white . It looked like . He started to throw the powder around the railway . He continued doing this for about five minutes. Then he smiled to himself and sat down. Mr White him and reading his newspaper.
However twenty minutes later the man took out his bag again and the white powder around the carriage. Mr White continued to ignore the man. However the man kept his powder around the carriage every twenty minutes and this began to Mr White. After two hours Mr White asked angrily, "Excuse me, but what are you doing?"
The man stopped throwing the white powder and said, "Look in my bag, sir. This powder is no powder. This is ANTI-TIGER DUST. It's very special, very and very expensive."
In an voice Mr White shouted, "But why are you throwing it around this railway carriage?"
"Ah," said the man. "By sprinkling it around the carriage I am keeping all the away." Mr White was . How could anybody be so stupid, he thought to himself. He to the man, "But there are no tigers around here!" The man smiled and said, "_____________________________________________________________________________________."

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