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Unit 7   Mrs Young   -s ending

lock - замок
noise - шум

Доп. информация в лингвистическом кружке

артикли и местоимения

  1 Did Mr and Mrs Young's children live with them?
a) No, they did not. b) Yes, they did.

2 Did Mrs Young go and live with her children?
a) No, she did not. b) Yes, she did.

3 Why were her children not happy then?
a) Because a burglar came into their mother's house.
b) Because there were a lot of burglars in that place.

4 What did one of Mrs Young's daughters see one day?
a) A key. b) A lock.

5 Where was it?
a) In the lock. b) Near Mrs Young's door.

6 Why is that not a good place for your key?
a) Because people can see it and open the door with it.
b) Because you will lose it.

7 Where did Mrs Young's daughter put the key?
a) In the house. b) In the lock.

8 Did Mrs Young's daughter open the door with it?
a) No, she did not. b) Yes, she did.

9 Why didn't the door open?
a) Because the key made a lot of noise. b) Because the key was the wrong one.

10 What did. Mrs Young always do when she heard the key in the lock?
a) She crept up behind the burglars with a gun. b) She made a lot of noise.

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