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Stories for reading Comprehension 1 Unit 5 - Grammar

1. What was Joe's father?
a) He was a farmer. b) He was a teacher.

2. Was his father rich?
a) No, he was not. b) Yes, he was.

3. Why did Joe leave his father's farm?
a) Because the wind was very strong there. b) Because he wanted a farm in a better place.

4. Why did he need a room under the ground?
a) Because the doors and windows of his farm were broken. b) Because there were very strong winds in that place.

5. Did the wind often blow strongly after that?
a) No, it did not. b) Yes, it did.

6. Was Joe happy about that?
a) No, he was not. b) Yes, he was.

7. Why did he go down into the room under the ground one day?
a) Because the weather was very cold. b) Because there was a very strong wind.

8. Who went with him?
a) His family did. b) His new neighbours did.

9. What did the wind do?
a) It broke the windows and doors of Joe's house. b) It went down into the room under the ground.

10. Was Joe sad then?
a) No, he was happy. b) Yes, he was.

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