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Stories for reading Comprehension 1 Unit 4

1. Did Mr and Mrs Brown have any children?
a) Yes, they had four.
b) Yes, they had two.

2. Did their children marry?
a) No, they did not.
b) Yes, all of them did.
c) Yes, two of them did.

3. How many granddaughters did Mr and Mrs Brown have?
a) One. b) Two.

4. Did they have any grandsons?
a) No, they did not. b) Yes, they had two.

5. Who went and helped their daughter with her new baby?
a) Mr Brown did. b) Mrs Brown did.

6. Did Mr Brown go with his wife?
a) No, he did not. b) Yes, he did.

7. Why?
a) Because he was ill.
b) Because he had a job near his home.

8. When did Mr Brown go to his daughter's house?
a) On Friday evening. b) On Monday morning.

9. How did he go?
a) In a train. b) In his car.

10. What did he do all the time in the train?
a) He talked about his granddaughters and grandsons.
b) He listened to stories about other people's granddaughters and grandsons.

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