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Reading and Grammar Practice

Stories for Reading Comprehension Unit 02

1. Were Gladys's father and mother rich?
a) No, they were not. b) Yes, they were.

2. Did Gladys want to work in her small, quiet town?
a) No, she did not. b) Yes, she did.

3. Who did Gladys want to marry?
a) A rich man. b) A tall man.

4. Were there any very rich men in Gladys's town?
a) No, there were not. b) Yes, there were a lot. c) Yes, there were some.

5. Did Gladys marry in London, or in America?
a) In London. b) In America.

6. Was her husband a short man?
a) No, he was tall. b) Yes, he was.

7. Where did Maisie see Gladys again?
a) In America. b) In London. c) In their small town.

8. Whose house did they meet in?
a) Gladys's old house. b) Maisie's house.

9. Who flew the plane in this story?
a) Gladys did. b) Gladys's husband did.

10. Where did he or she fly it?
a) In the garden. b) In the house.