Прослушайте текст и впечатайте пропущенные числительные и наречия. Прочитайте текст вслух синхронно с записью.

Bobby was years old, and he went to school. There were other little boys and girls who were in his class, and they were all friends, so they often went to parties together.
When of the children had a birthday, he or she invited all the other children to come to a party, and at Christmas all the mothers gave parties for all the children.
Bobby liked parties very much. He liked the games they played there - but he liked the nice food more. His favourites were cakes.
Before a party, Bobby's mother always asked him not to eat many cakes, and Bobby always answered, "Yes, Mummy," but he always ate all the cakes he was offered - and more if he could get them - and sometimes he was ill.
Christmas came again, and again there were a lot of parties. Bobby went to all of them. The last one was on January . It was days before school began.
evening before this party, Bobby's mother met the lady who had invited him and his friends, and she said to her, "Bobby always eats too many cakes at parties."
"Oh, that's all right," the lady answered. She told Bobby's mother not to be afraid, because at her parties, a child could only have cakes - and the cakes were small!
"Oh, good!" Bobby's mother answered happily.
On January , she took Bobby to the party and left him there.
When the children began to eat, there were enough cakes for every child to have , but Bobby took and began to eat them.
"You can only have cakes, Bobby!" said the lady. She asked him to put the one back on the plate. "I can't," answered Bobby. "I ate that one ."

Exercise 1

Finish the questions and the answers:

1. the other children in Bobby's class boys or girls?
Some girls, and some boys.

2. any of the children Bobby's friends?
, all .

3. the children usually have parties?
At Christmas and when they birthdays.

4. Bobby like more, the games at parties, or the food?
a) The food.

5. of food he like most?

6. his mother ask him not too eat too many cakes?
Because he sometimes ill afterwards.

7. Bobby's mother say to another lady one evening?
She told her that Bobby always too many cakes.

8. the lady do to stop Bobby?
She only three cakes for each child.

9. Bobby do then?
He took cakes.

10. couldn't he put the fourth cake back?
Because he already eaten it.

Exercise 2

Write this story. Choose the right words each time:

The children in Bobby's class were often at es with him. Every year, all the children invited the others to a birthday party; and every Ch, the children went to ty Christmas parties, Bobby liked food more than games, and he liked very much. His mother did want him to eat many cakes at parties, and always promised to do this, he always ate too cakes, and then he was sometimes . One day, Bobby's mother told another lady about this, and the said that every child at her party got cakes, so Bobby's was happy. But at the lady's party, Bobby took cakes, and when the lady said, "Put the one back," he answered that he couldn't be­cause he had already it.