Exercise 1
Прослушайте текст и впечатайте пропущенные предлоги и последнюю реплику. Прочитайте текст вслух синхронно с записью.

Mr Anderson in a big city in America, and last year he to England to the small town which his father had from.
There a big, square garden in this town, and one day, while Mr Anderson walking past, he stopped outside it and in. There beautiful grass in the middle of the garden. It green and short and soft.
A gardener watering it, and Mr Anderson to him, "Good morning. this your garden?"
"No," the gardener, "it isn't mine, but I here."
"How people get such beautiful lawns?" Mr Anderson . "Ours never as good as this."
The gardener his work and looked at Mr Anderson. Then he , "You from America, don't you?"
Mr Anderson , "Yes, but my father from this town."
"Well," the gardener , "it's easy to grow lawns like this." He Mr Anderson to in, and said, "Let me you about it."
Mr Anderson into the garden. "My name's Anderson," he to the gardener, "Joe Anderson. What's yours?"
"My name's Gray," the gardener , "Pete Gray. Now about the lawns. First we sow our seeds; then when the grass appears, we all the weeds out; after that, we the grass every week, we water it every day when the weather very dry during the summer season, and we sometimes roll it."
"Oh," Mr Anderson answered, "that's very interesting, Pete. And how long it take before the lawn becomes like this?"
The gardener for a few moments and then answered, "Oh, about four hundred years."

Exercise 1

Finish the questions and the answers:

1. Had Mr Anderson from England to America?
, .

2. his father from England to America?
, .

3. Why did Mr Anderson the big garden?
Because it had beautiful .

4. did Mr Anderson speak to?
A .

5. the gardener that Mr Anderson was not British?

6. he think that it hard to make a beautiful garden?

7. did Mr Anderson go the garden?
Because the him in.

8. only grass come up when we sow seeds?
a) , weeds too.

9. do we the grass?
In very dry weather.

10. did it take before a lawn was beautiful?
a) About years.