Exercise 3

When a possessive is an adjective, we use the forms my, your, her, our and their (e.g. my/your/her/our/their books); but when it is a pronoun, we use the forms mine, yours, hers, ours and theirs (e.g. "These books are mine/yours/ hers/ours/theirs.").
His is the same when it is an adjective and when it is a pronoun (e.g. "These are his books." and "These books are his."); and it has a possessive adjective, but no pos­sessive pronoun (e.g. we can say "This is my bicycle, and this is its bell.", but not "This my bicycle, and this bell is its.").

Choose the right words each time:

"Is this (your/yours) garden?"
"No, it isn't (my/mine). (My/Mine) garden is the next one. And where's (your/yours)?"
"Oh, (our/ours) garden is in the next street. (Your/Yours) is very pretty."
"Thank you. Do you know Mrs Jones?"
" (Her/Hers) garden is next to (our/ours). It's very beautiful."
"Oh? I know Mrs Smith. (Her/Hers) is beautiful too."
"Yes, I know it. She gets a lot of plants from (her/hers) friends. (Their/Theirs) garden is in the country."