Stories for Reading and Listening Comprehension 2


Прослушайте текст и впечатайте слова. Прочитайте текст вслух синхронно с записью.

01.mp3 Joan's mother loved her very much, so she was not happy she married an army officer when she was twenty-one years old and to live in another country her husband.
02.mp3 " am I going to see Joan again?" she thought. "And how is she going to live abroad among strangers her mother near her?"
Joan wrote to her parents every Sunday, and a year later, she had a baby. It was a girl, and she and her husband gave it the name Kate and thought that she was the cleverest and most beautiful child in the world.
03.mp3 After that, Joan's parents received plenty of letters and postcards every week about Kate and all the wonderful things she had done. There also lots of colour photographs of the baby, but was any news about Joan herself.
04.mp3 Joan's mother knew that parents always thought that own children special, and better any others, and she also knew that photographed all the time, so she did not find all this news about Kate and all the photographs of her very interesting.
05.mp3 She wished that Joan's letters had more news about herself and what she was doing in . she re­plied to Joan's letters, she always asked about her.
06.mp3 She wrote or three times: "Are you tired after the baby? Are you rest­ing enough? Is Fred (he was Joan's husband) helping you? Does anyone come in clean your house for you? When are you going to come home? Do you need anything?
07.mp3 Does the baby keep you awake at night?" and other like that. But Joan's replies were always about Kate, and there was never any news about herself.
08.mp3 In the end Joan's mother was rather angry, so she wrote to Joan that she was very glad that Joan had a very clever child, because she had never had .

Exercise 1

Finish the questions and the answers:

1. Was Joan's sad when Joan married?
She .

2. ?
Because she had to live in another country, so she was not going to see her.

3. Joan's mother think that her daughter needed her?
, .

4. 's grandmother?
Joan's mother .

5. Why did Joan write a lot about Kate?
Because she thought that she cleverest beautiful child world.

6. Did Joan's mother find the news about Kate interesting?
, very.

7. Who did Joan's mother want to read about?

8. What did Joan's mother do then?
Joan a lot of letters.

9. Joan write the things which her mother wanted then?
, .

10. did her mother write then?
That she never had a clever child.

Type in the words (not repeating them) containing the double sound
[ou] in the order of their appearance in the story.


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