Stories for Reading and Listening Comprehension 2


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Exercise 3

When we change a direct statement into a reported state­ment, we often have to make some changes, because we have to look at things through the eyes of the person who is making the report, and not through the eyes of the per­son who made the statement.
If Mr Smith wrote to Joan's mother last month and said, "I have seen your daughter," and now you want to report what Mr Smith wrote, you will say, Mr Smith wrote to Joan's mother that he had seen her daughter.
We often have to change pronouns (e.g. in the above example, I became he), possessive adjectives (e.g. your became her) and tenses (e.g. have seen became had seen).

Change these direct statements into reported ones:

1 . Joan's mother said, "We never get any news about our daughter."
Joan's mother said that .

2. Joan's father answered, "You must ask Joan about herself."
Joan's father answered that .

3. Joan's mother said, "I do, but Joan does not send me any news."
Joan's mother said that , .

4. Joan's father said, "My mother was the same when we were young."
Joan's father said that .

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