Stories for Reading and Listening Comprehension 2


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Прослушайте текст и впечатайте пропущенные предлоги и последнюю реплику. Прочитайте текст вслух синхронно с записью.

01.mp3 Joe Biggs was a butcher. His shop was a village one the most beautiful parts the south of England, and he worked it many years while his father was there. Then, when his father reached the age 65, he stopped working the shop, and Joe was alone it, so he had to work harder.
02.mp3Joe worked five and a half days a week. His shop shut one o'clock Thursdays, and it was shut the whole Sunday. Saturdays were the busiest days.
03.mp3Most Joe's meat came his shop the nearest town, but sometimes he got earlier than usual the morning and drove the city to choose meat. It was cheaper there.
04.mp3Joe had a big refrigerator his shop, but he tried not to buy too much meat a time, and to sell it before he bought more.
One Thursday a woman came the shop five minutes one.
05.mp3"I'm sorry I'm late," she said, "but some people have just telephoned to say that they are going to come dinner tonight, and I need some more meat." Joe only had one piece good meat the shop, He had sold all the others earlier the day.
06.mp3He took the piece and said the woman, "This is £6.50."
"That piece is too small," the woman answered. "Haven't you got anything bigger?"
07.mp3Joe went the room his shop, opened the refrigerator, put the piece of meat it, took it again and shut the door of the refrigerator a lot noise.
08.mp3Then he brought the piece meat back the woman and said, "This piece is bigger and more expensive. It's £8.75."
"," the woman answered a smile, ", ."

Exercise 1

Finish the questions and the answers:

1 Had Joe always worked alone in the shop?
, .

2 When did he have to begin to work alone in it?

3 Did Joe sell meat in his shop on Thursday afternoons?
, .

4 get most of ?
He drove to the city and bought it there.

5 a woman want 12.55 on a Thursday?
Because some suddenly telephoned her.

6 Why did Joe only have one piece of good meat?
tried not to buy too much at one time.

7 Why did the woman not want that piece of meat?

8 Did Joe bring her a different piece?
, .

9 What then?
Both pieces of meat.

10 Why did Joe not give her both pieces?
Because there .

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