Introductory Steps to Reading and Listening Understanding



Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Listen to the story and fill in the missing words.

1. 01.mp3 Whitebridge was village, people often came and lived .
2. 02.mp3Some had furniture, did not want some , because they were house ,
3. 03.mp3so morning they put it out, people came and looked at it, they took it away wanted it.
4. 04.mp3, Mr and Mrs Morton put ugly bear's head out at the side gate, nobody wanted it.
5. 05.mp3 Saturday, they wrote, 'I'm here.
6. 06.mp3 Please take me,' paper and put it 's head.
7. 07.mp3They went town, came home evening.
8. 08.mp3There were now ' heads house, and there was paper. It said, 'I was .'

Which of these sentences are true (T) and which are false (F)? Write T or F in the boxes.

1. 09.mp3
2. 10.mp3
3. 11.mp3
4. 12.mp3
5. 13.mp3
6. 14.mp3

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