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Sketches from the English Teaching Theatre    Restaurant     Unit 10 Episode 3

SCRIPT - Episode 3
There must be some mistake.
Oh, sorry - ?6.30. That's ?12.60 altogether. And of course ?37 for the table. ?37 for the table?!
That's...er...?49.60 altogether.
Look here -Service not included.
Would you like to pay separately or together?
Look - we don't want the table or the chairs.
Oh, you want to sit on the floor.
No, we don't want to take them away.
That's good. We don't have a take-away service.
We want to sit here and eat something.
Eat something?
Can we see the menu, please?
Er...yes. There you are.
He gives them a very small menu.
It's a very small menu.
It's a very small restaurant. Now, what would you like?
(Looking at the menu) Let's see...(Reading) 'Egg and chips. Double egg and Double egg and double chips.'
Um...Isn't this a French restaurant?
Oh, yes. Sorry. Give me the menu.
The manager takes the menu.
Thank you. Have you got a pencil?
Here you are.
Thank you.
He writes on the menu.
There - a French menu.
(Reading) 'Oeuf et pommes frites. Deux oeufs et pommes frites. Deux oeufs et deux pommes frites.'
B puts the menu on the table.

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