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Sketches from the English Teaching Theatre    Restaurant     Unit 9 Episode 2

SCRIPT - Episode 2
Well, here we are - the Trattoria Romantica.
There's no one here. (Calling) Hello?
The manager appears. He is not very friendly.
Oh, good evening. Is this the Trattoria Romantica?
I don't know. I only work here.
Yes, yes, yes. This is the Trattoria Romantica, but we're closed for lunch.
Closed for lunch? But it's nine o'clock.
Ah. In that case, we're closed for breakfast.
It's nine o'clock in the evening.
(Friendly) Yes, of course it is. Just a little joke. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Stavros Papadopoulos, the manager of the Trattoria Romantica. What can I do for you?
We'd like a table for two, please.
Have you got a reservation?
Ah. That's a problem.
But the restaurant is empty.
Is it? Oh, yes. Er...a table for two...
He looks around the restaurant.
Yes, thank you.
Good. That's ?12.50, please.
12.50 pounds
What for?
For the chairs.
The chairs?!
Yes - 6.25 pounds each.

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