IELTS Academic Listening
Unit 1
Questions 31 to 40

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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Now turn to section 4.
Section 4. You will hear part of an environmental sciences lecture. First you have some time to look at questions 31 to 40.
(20 second gap)
Now listen carefully and answer questions 31 to 40.

. Professor Wilson lecturing environmental sciences course. pollution issues and ways oil industry deal with oil spills .
Oil tankers sail . For Japan deposits own, tankers oil needed to power moved. designed to hold barrels of crude or refined reasonable safety damage environment. released , spreads surface slick. cover cause huge environmental . varying . Accidents loading and unloading deliberate spills account , hitting rocks, major . damaging , numerous containing cleaning developed. previous years, cleaners set fire burn rarely done nowadays , surprisingly, nearly consist compounds flammable; combustibility refining.

cleaning up look follows:
The Containment Boom.
Chemical Detergents.
The Sponge.
common method after . Barriers erected sucked . Basically float surrounds contains . straightforward however it functions calm .
spray solution boats directly . Depending , happen. result break clumps, sink . Although hazardous, clumps deal . possibility breaks tiny droplets, harmless. suited to dealing . A negative aspect chemicals remain kill fish marine life.

A Berlin-based alternative . Eco.carbon giant sponge lignite resin , preventing environment. mat, crushed coal, granules soak amounts . . withstood -scale testing in pools miniature . A unique once absorbed , fixed permanently. downside, however, toxic waste.

Scientists improve . scenes , seem appetite black sludge. , breeding determine effective at reducing . Eventually, to put to work clean disasters. . reproduce, until vanishes. , administer completely eco-friendly gone, source die, leaving . discernable drawbacks.
, section . optional . reading lists faculty notice submission. , seminars held .
That is the end of section 4. You will now have half a minute to check your answers.
(30 second gap)
That is the end of listening test 1. In the IELTS test you would now have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the listening answer sheet.

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