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SECTION 2 Questions 13 - 26

Questions 20 to 23

Read the Woodgreen Neighbourhood Watch November Bulletin on the following page and then complete the following statements (questions 20 to 23) with words taken from the bulletin.


Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 20 to 23.

20. To stop disreputable callers gaining entry to your homes, ask to see and then ask callers to wait while you verify it.

21. Christmas weather means that you should check how your car is.

22. Criminals see Christmas as a time when they can steal from houses.

23. Equipment belonging to has recently been stolen from vehicles.

Questions 24 to 26

Read the Woodgreen Neighbourhood Watch November Bulletin again.
Answer the following questions (24 - 26) choosing the appropriate letters A - D. Write your answers in boxes.

24. Which of the following is advice given by the Bulletin regarding when people go away?

A Contact the local police station to tell the duty officer that your house will be empty.
B Make sure that you have joined the Cocoon Watch system in your neighbourhood.
C Conceal any items of value.
D Make sure all vehicles are locked securely.

25. What change has there been in burglary statistics this year in the Woodgreen area?

A Burglaries have fallen by 50%.
B Burglaries have risen by 50%.
C Burglaries have fallen by 25%.
D Burglaries have risen by 25%.

26. What kind of people are targeted by criminals who use the "I need to inspect the water supply" excuse?

A People on holiday.
B People without security systems.
C Offending people.
D Older people.

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