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SECTION 1 Questions 1 - 12

Look at the reviews of 8 hiking boots in the Bootwise September Catalogue and then write the names of the boots that fit the 6 descriptions

(questions 7 - 12) below.


Bootwise - September Catalogue

Rangers $199.99
High, rigid covering for the ankle means this is a great boot for walking over uneven and wet ground. Slightly heavier than the other boots that we stock, this means that it is usually more of a gentleman's hiking boot than a lady's.
Outback $110.00
This boot will give you all you need on low grade hikes but should not be used for more demanding routes. It's a cheaper boot which is great but it has limitations for the serious hiker. For the fun walker on a budget though, this is the one!
Mountain Kings $289.99
This is the pro boot. Tough and long-lasting, it will take you up any mountain in the world. Don't bother buying it if you're just going out to the woods with the kids. The tough nature of the material used in its manufacture means that this boot needs to be worn in over a period of weeks before a serious expedition is started.
Atlas $180.00
This boot is incredibly waterproof. The colour scheme is a bit garish but if you're up to your ankles in water in the middle of a storm, this is the boot you'll be most wanting to wear.
(This boot is currently out of stock until next month)
Wilderness $215.00
This boot is made out of lycron, a new tough but light textile. It is an all round boot which will give you the comfort, protection and support that you need whether you are out on a walk on the beach with the dog or hiking up a semi-serious hill.
Nevis $249.99
No flashy colours on this boot. Made of soft but waterproof material, it's built for the easier trails. Hiking through woods on prepared paths rather than over rocks and streams is what this boot was made for. The dark good looks and non-bulky styling of this boot means though that you could be as at home wearing them in a restaurant as on a hike.
Alpine $189.00
This boot has been designed for those specifically taking on snow and ice. It will work fine on other terrains but it's up there above the snow line where this boot really comes into its own. Warm, sturdy yet lightweight, don't go to the Himalayas without it!
Windermere $180.00
This is a useful all round boot which can tackle most terrains comfortably though you wouldn't want to go too extreme with it. It protects the ankle well, has good grip and will keep all but the worst water out.

7. The company that has made this boot has used a new material in its manufacture.

8. This boot gives you the best protection in bad, wet weather.

9. This boot is suitable as a fashion shoe as well.

10. You cannot buy this boot at the moment.

11. This boot requires breaking in.

12. This boot is not recommended for women.

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