SECTION 1 Questions 1 - 12

Read a notice for people going to Westley International Airport.
Answer the following questions using
NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 1 - 6.

Westley International Airport

Parking and Transport Information for Visitors

Visitors arriving at Westley International airport by car are requested to read this notice and then choose the car park which best fits their needs.

Short Stay Car Parks

At Westley International Airport short stay is for 4 days or less (ie: 96 hours). Passengers should enter either the North Car Park in front of departures or the South Car Park 200 metres beyond. Prices are £1 an hour. Drivers should remember to make a note of their parking area number so that they can make their way back to their cars without any problems.

Long Stay Car Parks

There are 2 long stay car parks, the East and West car parks. They are for stays of 5 days or more. These are on the left and right side of arrivals and departures. Prices are £0.50 an hour. Drivers should remember to make a note of their parking area number so that they can make their way back to their cars without any problems.

Set Down and Pick Up

These areas are located in front of arrivals and departures respectively. Waiting is limited to only 10 minutes and drivers must stay with their cars. Traffic inspectors are on duty here to enforce the rules and issue tickets to offenders.


There are 2 machines that take payment at the exits of both arrivals and departures. The ma­chines accept any coins, notes and debit cards but not credit cards If you have to pay a larger sum (£5 or more) the payment office is next to the flight information desk in arrivals.


Buses to and from Westley town centre drop off and pick up in the marked bay just in front of the entrance of the North Car Park. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver only between 6pm and 8am. Buses run every half hour. There are no trains to the airport.

Information Desk

There is an information help desk (open from 8am to 6pm) inside the airport in departures beside the cafe. They can give advice on buying plane tickets, sell bus tickets and help with parking and other information relevant to the airport. If you are in your car and need advice, ask one of the traffic inspectors at the Set Down section in front of arrivals.

1. What can you write down so that you won't lose your car in the car parks?


2. You are driving to the airport to go away for 2 days to France but you are a bit late and in a hurry to check in. Which car park should you put your car in?


3.What method of payment can you NOT use at the parking payment machines?


4.You are parking at Westley international Airport for a period of 6 days exactly. How much will you have to pay?


5.You are in your car and you're confused about where to park. Who can you ask for help?


6.You have arrived at the airport by plane at midnight and want to take the bus into Westley. Who will sell you a ticket?

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