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 +====== The Frog-Prince (катахреза) ======
 +Отрывок из [[http://​​reading/​grimm/​frog-princess/​frog-prince.htm|сказки]] записанной Братьями Гримм:  ​
 +The next day, just as the princess had sat down to dinner, she heard a strange noise - tap, tap - plash, plash - as if something was coming up the marble staircase, and soon afterwards **there was a gentle knock at the door, and a little voice cried out and said**:
 +'Open the door, my princess dear,\\
 +Open the door to thy  true love here!\\
 +And mind the words that thou and I said\\
 +By the fountain cool, in the greenwood shade.'​\\
 +<color brown>​**Вопросы**:</​color>​
 +1. Для чего нужна смысловая избыточность во фразе "a little voice cried out and said"?​\\
 +2. Как следует перевести абзац с выделенным фрагментом?​
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