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Embedded Questions - Алеша vs Виталий

По цепочке выполните по образцу задание 10 раз.


Первая сторона:

Where does she live?

Вторая сторона:

Do you know where she lives?


Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/12/05 14:34

How do they make it?

AlexAlex, 2017/12/06 19:30, 2017/12/06 19:44

Do you know how they make it?

What does she look like?

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/12/08 08:18

Did he know what she looked like?

Is she a doctor?

AlexAlex, 2017/12/25 21:06

I don't know if she is a doctor.
Do you have any questions?

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/12/27 13:23

I didn't decide that moment if I had had questions.

What kind of papers do they need to cross the border?

AlexAlex, 2017/12/27 14:46, 2017/12/27 14:59

Nobody knows it for sure what kind of papers they need to cross the border.

Do you fell like reading a book?

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