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So (Nor/Neither) do I - Алеша vs Владимир

По цепочке по речевой модели выполните по 10 предложенных друг другу заданий.


Сторона 1:

I like ice-cream./I don't like ice-cream.

Сторона 2:

So do I./Nor (neither) do I.


Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/10/03 15:48, 2017/10/03 15:49

I am fond of hazel nuts.

AlexAlex, 2017/10/04 21:13, 2017/10/11 23:48

So do (am) I.

I'm a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/10/06 21:28

So is my sister.

I hate cruelty.

AlexAlex, 2017/10/11 23:48

So do I.
I don't know your name.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/10/15 23:42, 2017/10/15 23:42

Neither do they.

Japan make automobiles.

AlexAlex, 2017/10/16 22:21, 2017/10/22 08:20

So does Germany.

The Earth is bigger than the Moon.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/10/22 08:20

So are Merkury, Venus, and Mars.

Earth is smaller than Neptune.

AlexAlex, 2017/10/23 21:44

So are Merkury, Venus, and Mars.

Hydrogen is lighter than helium.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/10/24 05:32

There is no a lighter element than hydrogen.
So is xenon heavier than hydrogen.

We walked in the park.

AlexAlex, 2017/10/24 22:17, 2017/10/26 21:55

Hydrogen is lighter than helium. Как вариант - So is a human soul.

So we did (did we) in the street. (или So in the street did we?)
There is no any gas lighter than hydrogen.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/10/26 22:07, 2017/10/26 22:07

Neither is there any liquid nor any solid.

Anastasia didn't marry long.

AlexAlex, 2017/10/31 22:25

Neither did she marry for love.

I have no job now.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/11/01 19:55

Neither have I money.

She likes sweets very much.

AlexAlex, 2017/11/01 23:30, 2017/11/03 20:31

So does she like sweets for a long time.

I'm so tired.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/11/02 12:47

So am I.

We have a two-storey house.

AlexAlex, 2017/11/02 22:19, 2017/11/03 12:44

So have you two cars.

I have my hair cut.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/11/03 12:44

So have I my beard trimmed.

Elephants are bigger than tigers.

AlexAlex, 2017/11/03 21:31

So are whales.

Winter nights are longer than summer nights.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/11/04 09:10, 2017/11/04 09:10

So are they in terms of coldness.

We were there in November.

AlexAlex, 2017/11/04 12:43, 2017/11/22 09:49

So were we there in December.

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