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 +====== thing (десемантизированная лексика,​ формальное определяемое слово) ======
 +1. The good **things** and the bad **things** in life //average out in the end// (= уравновешивает друг друга).\\
 +2. Science is one **thing**, art is another.\\
 +3. The best **thing** to do now is to stay.\\
 +4. He did a wise **thing** in //calling them down// (= поставил их на место).\\
 +5. It was a clever **thing** to do.\\
 +6. Even sensible men do absurd **things**.\\
 +7. Don't be clever-clever,​ old **thing**.\\
 +8. Many things in our lives go by contraries.\\ ​
 +9. How dare you say such **things**!\\
 +10. I did not expect such a **thing** of you.
 +<color brown>​**Задание**:</​color>​
 +Переведите на русский язык, не используя слова //​вещь/​вещи/​и т.п.//, а производя контекстуальные замены:​ опущение,​ конкретизация,​ генерализация.
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