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-====== Окказиональная идиоматичность ====== 
-<color brown>**Задание**:</color> 
-В каких контекстах у выделенных слов прямой смысл, а в каких - переносный? 
-1. Dan **looked at the table** for a moment. There was a man, one of the sports organizers. His name's Russell.\\ 
-2. 'Well,' said Rachel, 'what have you found?' Mark **looked at the desk**. 'Nothing really,' he said.\\ 
-3. The time police officer looked at Cromer. 'Do you know that you've done?' Cromer **looked at the floor**.\\ 
-4. When he **looked at the floor**, he noticed the floor had an uneven luster (= блеск).\\ 
-5. He **looked at the floor**. 'Look at me, boy!' shouted the policeman. John looked up. 
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