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for a moment (узус)



Какую семантику (смысл) имеет выражение for a minute/second/moment/etc.?


Отредактируйте предлагаемый перевод фраз с оборотом for a minute/second/moment/etc., устранив буквализм и кальки. При необходимости объедините несколько предложений.

'I don't know,' said Rachel. 'I've never thought about it.'
'Well,' said the woman, 'think about it for a minute. ←- Подумайте об этом в течении одной минуты.

3. She opened the door. Dan looked at her for a moment. 'You've forgotten our conversation, haven't you?' he said. You've forgotten it already.' ←- Дэн в течении одного момента смотрел на нее.

4. Dan waited for a moment. He put his tray down on an empty table. It was difficult. Thinking was difficult. ←- Дэн в течении одного момента ждал.

5. Jack stopped eating. He looked worried for a moment. Then he laughed. 'I've never been to hospital in my life,' he said. < – Он в течении одного момента выглядел взволнованным.

6. Dan thought for a moment. Russell was bigger than Dan, and stronger too. ←- Дэн в течении одного момента думал.

7. He looked around. A large helicopter was standing on the roof. Dan stopped and looked at it for a moment. The helicopter was a Westing Type 23. ←- Дэн в течении одного момента стоял и смотрел на вертолет.

8. He thought for a moment. The Westing Type 23 had twenty seats, two engines and it could fly at 300 kilometres an hour. ←- Он в течении одного момента думал.

9. Dan looked at the table for a moment. There was a man, one of the sports organizers. His name's Russell. He wanted to stop me. I knocked him out. ←- Дэн в течении одного момента глядел на стол.


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