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-====== речевая модель - the next best thing to smth ====== 
-The next best thing to smth = уж лучше так (= smth), чем никак. 
-<color brown>**Задание**:</color> 
-Переведите, сохранив идиоматичность речевой модели **the next best thing to smth:** 
-1. Seeing this movie is **the next best thing to** having your intestines removed with a teaspoon. \\ 
-2. **The next best thing to** being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.\\ 
-3. Taking Juice Plus+® is **the next best thing to** eating fruits and vegetables.\\ 
-4. He agreed to accompany the Welsh team to Mexico City for the World Cup Finals as their coach - **the next best thing to** playing. 
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