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-====== Метонимия в тексте ====== 
-{{ }} 
-Alan Smith's father bought him a small shop, and Alan sold milk, butter, cheese, eggs and other things in it.\\ 
-His shop was in a small town.  
-Alan's shop was open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday morning,  
-but it was shut on Sunday afternoon and on Monday. 
-A fat woman came into Alan's shop on Saturday. \\ 
-She bought some eggs and some butter, and then she said to Alan, \\ 
-"Your eggs and your butter are dear today. \\ 
-Why are Saturday and Sunday dearer than Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?"\\ 
-Then Alan smiled and said, \\ 
-"My food is not dearer on Saturday and Sunday! \\ 
-It is cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!" 
-<color brown>**Вопрос**:</color> 
-1. Какие слова в тексте являются метонимическим переносом?\\ 
-2. Перепишете соответствующую часть текста таким образом, чтобы устранить метонимию.   
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