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 +====== Язык 3D (предлоги) ======
 +The young policeman was angry. He was on the road now. He had to get off the bike and push it up a hill. It was the last hill between the station and the old lady's house. When he got to the top of it he could see the house **down below**, at the bottom of the hill. Just as he looked down at it, he saw a light go on in one of the rooms upstairs.
 +<color brown>**Вопрос**:</color>
 +1.Зачем нужно два семантически близких предлога **down below**?\\
 +2. Как изменится смысл высказывания, если оставить только **down**? Только **below**?\\
 +3. Как следует понимать метафору **английский язык - это язык 3D**?
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