Unrehearsed Speech - Dialogue 2 (in the hotel) - Alex vs Grisha

A - вы ресепшенист в отеле

К вам обратился В с просьбой проверить его бронь в отеле - двуместный номер для курящих с видом на море. Вы запросили у В всю необходимую идентифицирующую информацию - имя, фамилию, дату брони, количество суток проживания и т.д. Все проверили, все в порядке. Выдали ключ и сообщили этаж и как добраться до номера, дали информацию, где в отеле ресторан и каким образом там можно поесть. В конце В поинтересовался, как он может добраться до центра города и вы объяснили ему.


Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2017/10/12 22:16

Нужны скрипты.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/10/13 09:37, 2017/10/15 13:56

A: Hello!
B: Hello!
A: What can I do for you?
B: Could you have (check) my reservation? My room is smoking and overlooking the sea.
A: Ok. Could you tell me your name, please?
B: Jonh. J-o-n-h (J-O-N-H).
A: Could you tell me also your second name?
B: Tailor. T-A-I-L-O-R.
A: Ok. Everything's fine (ok). Your status is confirmed, mr (mister) Taylor. How many days have you booked the rooms…the room? (How many days did you book?)
B: Three days.(?)
A: Ok. Here is the key. Your room is on the fifth floor. The lift is right around the corner. Also we have a restaurant in our hotel that you can find on the first floor right…to the right of the stairs. The restaurant is open every day from six in the morning.
B: Ok,thank you. Can you help me? How far is it from city center?(How far is it from the city center)
A: It's about twenty minutes if the traffic's ok.
B: How can I geeting from here to city center? (How can I get from here to the city center?)
A: You can take a bus that departs every ten minutes from our hotel. The bus station is in front of the hotel.
B:Ok, thank you. Buy.(Bye)
A: Bye!

B: Hello!
A: Hello! Could I help you?
B: Yes. I booked a double room for smokers with a sea view in your hotel. Could you check my reservation status, please?
A: Ok. Tell me your name.
B: Alexey. Alex: A-L-E-X.
A: Ok and surname. (Tell me your lastname, please)
B: Platonov: P-L-A-T-O-N-O-V.
A: What is date a book? (When did you book a room?)
B: For three days. I booked it for three days. (I reserved the room for three days from today)
A: How many days are you lived in?(How many days did you book?)
B: As I said for three days.
A: Ok. Your room be(is) located on the second floor. The lift (is)located near reception. You will be go along(can go straight) and you will see a lift. Our resturan(restaurant) on the first floor. The breakfast wiil be about (starts about) 9a.m. Is it right(Is it clear?)?
B: A: Yes, It's ok. Thank you.
A: How far the city center from our…your hotel? (How far is it to the city center from here?)
B: In the bus about 25 minutes.(About 25 minutes by bus)
A: And how can I get the city center? (get to the city center)
B: You will a book taxi and you will use a bus.(You can order a taxi also you can use a bus) Departures of the bus is located in your room. (be found in your room)
A: Thank you. You were very helpful. (are)
B:Is it ready?(Is it OK?)
A: Yes, It's ok.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2017/10/13 11:22

Алеша и Гриша, выполните работу над паралогизмами.

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