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Рома vs Алеша (Topic - Travelling)

Проведите беседу в форме чата на тему Travelling. По 10 реплик-высказываний с каждой стороны, приветствия и прощания не считаются. Необходимо использовать тематическую лексику. Оценивается идиоматичность речи и степень андерстейтмента (чем меньше, тем лучше). Главный критерий качества - коммуникативно-лингвистическая релевантность речи. Накопительная система баллов/очков.


AlexAlex, 2017/05/07 23:30, 2017/06/01 22:26

Hello, Roma! What places have you traveled to?

РомаРома, 2017/06/28 07:05, 2017/06/28 08:48

Hi Alex. Recently I've been in Armenia and Georgia. Some time ago i've been in Altay, Baikal lake area and some European Union countries. And you ?

AlexAlex, 2017/06/28 23:41, 2017/06/29 00:27

I travel very rarely. My last travel, or rather a trip, was to Finland a few years ago. Apart from Finland, I also visited Belarus, but this hardly can be called an abroad trip.

Do you usually travel by yourself or with package tour?

РомаРома, 2017/06/29 07:19, 2017/06/29 07:23

Rarely, but qualitatively. Finland/Sweden/Norway also is in my “to visit” list, because I want to see “fjords”, to do lake skating and to touch high life expectancy infrastructure. Belarus and Ukraine are also the countries I would like to visit.

I prefer to travel grouping with persons and making our own plans of journeys. Rarely, as for my 2018 winter journey, the plan is very simple - to buy a ticket to one of the Thai beach.

Do you have plans for the next travel or trip ?

AlexAlex, 2017/06/29 19:30, 2017/06/29 21:06

You seem like a more experienced traveler than I am. I have no definite plans right now. I don't want to travel for landscapes or attractions, and I'm not much of a beach fonder. I haven't yet figured out what to travel for. Well, prices, of course, limit the number of options.

So, what attracts you to travel?

РомаРома, 2017/07/02 22:27

I call it “the expectation of wonder”, that feeling or emotion that makes me to pack my bags and to travel and to discover new places and new people and new ways of travelling. I also like to feed new information to create my own unique model of reality and to develop my communication skills to make my life more comfortable.

By the way, I guess that less money - higher outcome in feelings/emotions, new ways of living, communication (and other) skills and even food obtaining methods.

Do you have friends, who like to travel a bit more than you ?

AlexAlex, 2017/07/04 22:19, 2017/07/04 22:47

Yes, I have the one who really likes traveling. The last time he wound up in Uzbekistan.

How much does your “expectation of wonder” usually coincide with reality? Whether there were places that exceeded your expectations or disappointed you? As for me, when I first went to Finland, I had a feeling similar to yours. But it quickly reduced to a simple impression: “The infrastructure here is clearly better than ours.” Maybe, if I had more contact with the locals, even with the phrasebook, the impression would have been brighter.

РомаРома, 2017/07/05 13:43, 2017/07/05 15:57

Any of that xyzstans are fine as low budget self-planned travelling areas. You may try to travel with him. For examle, sometimes I do new things (and rarely some usual, but using another, unusual way) only to get to know, why I do not want to do it.

I have no expectations about(of/on) places or peoples or events or something else, that can be described. This is the point. And the moment I cease to expect something, the expectation of wonder begin to grow. Sometimes I can evoke this feeling even riding my bycicle long enough in the city I live.

I guess you are right when talking about contacts with locals. Most of them like to have contacts with strangers. Even if you ask them where ice cream could be purchased.

AlexAlex, 2017/07/08 18:35, 2017/07/08 18:38

Is there a place you enjoyed most?

РомаРома, 2017/07/10 11:32, 2017/07/10 11:34

Today Tbilisi is the place I would like to return to stay a while. And you ?
P.S. And Black Sea at Batumi.

AlexAlex, 2017/07/10 23:33, 2017/08/10 21:03

What did you particularly like about Tbilisi?

Comparing Finland and Belarus, I like more the first one for the tourist infrastructure. When I was in Minsk in 2007, there was practically no cafe in the center of the city. But they say that in the last years it changed for the better. I was also at a friends' wedding in Baranovichi, and there were some scary moments.

РомаРома, 2017/07/12 13:02

Most impressing feature of Tbilisi (and Georgia at all) were the people with their amiability. Their tourism infrastructure, which is quite fine, is the consequence of their people-people relations culture. And I also spent many hours walking the lanes and peeking in the patios of Tbialisi.

What could be more scaring than the wedding itself ? bride kidnapping ?

AlexAlex, 2017/08/10 21:03

Drunken guests can be pretty scary in their desire to friendly communicate.

Is there a place you are least enjoyed?

РомаРома, 2017/08/14 20:14

I can't remember the places outside my home where I didn't enjoy. Maybe summer pioneer camps in my childhood.

AlexAlex, 2017/09/17 20:27

What attractions impressed you the most?

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