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Гриша vs Алеша (Topic - Food)


Проведите беседу в форме чата на тему Food. По 10 реплик-высказываний с каждой стороны, приветствия и прощания не считаются. Необходимо использовать тематическую лексику. Оценивается идиоматичность речи и степень андерстейтмента (чем меньше, тем лучше). Главный критерий качества - коммуникативно-лингвистическая релевантность речи. Накопительная система баллов/очков.


AlexAlex, 2017/03/26 11:18

Hi, Grisha! What's your favorite food?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/03/26 21:26, 2017/06/28 13:06

Hi,Alex! There are many dishes that I like. I call about favorite food. (?) I like pasta,salmon ,lamb,pork. For breakfast I prefer coffee with cheese or boiled eggs, also fried eggs with bacon. What kind of food do you prefer?

AlexAlex, 2017/03/27 19:57, 2017/06/28 13:07

You're clearly not a vegetarian:) What kind of dishes with fish and meat do you like?

My food preferences are partly common with yours. Coffee with cheese and boiled eggs is almost my daily meal. I also like okroshka, cold borsch (in summer), fried potatoes with ham, fresh fruit and hot bread.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/03/30 22:00, 2017/06/28 13:11

I like meat in French. The recipe for this dish: the pork with potatoes to cook in the oven, then at the end of cooking the dish to sprinkl with cheese. This is really good!! The dish with fish:the Salmon in the multivariateэто что такое? (ЮН) . The salmon is very expensive! What's your favorite dish?

AlexAlex, 2017/04/01 13:31, 2017/06/28 13:13

It depends on situation. I don't have a very diverse gastronomic experience and my taste can not be called subtle and refined. I like the most common food. In addition to the dishes I mentioned earlier I like pilaf and shawarma.

How often do you eat your favorite dishes? I didn't quite understand what is he salmon in the multivariate.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/01 22:25, 2017/06/28 14:09

Unfortunately, I seldom eat or cook my favorite food. The main reasons are… time and money. With regard to the Salmon. I usually buy the Salmon in the store, then I cook it for a couple (?) in the Electric Multi Cooker. I understood that your taste isn't subtle and refined.. Maybe, you tell me.. What do you kind of food hate?broken word order

AlexAlex, 2017/04/03 14:23

Thanks for clarifying. I can not stand peach and apricot jam, as well as kvass, even the smell of which disgusts me. Also I do not like alcoholic beverages at all.

And what about your “favorite” hated food:)?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/03 19:01, 2017/06/28 14:13

If there's one thing I hate, it's a pea porridge. Also, I hate rice in the soup… I'm not picky (?). So..I do not like to drink (?), too. Waht do you think about “Proper nutrition”?

AlexAlex, 2017/04/04 22:49, 2017/06/28 18:01

I belive my nutrition is proper for me:) You said earlier that you were going to do crossfit. Wether it requires proper nutrition or any special diet?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/05 20:11, 2017/06/28 18:02

Of course! If you want to achieve the goal, you need to monitor the food. When had you really tasty dishes?

AlexAlex, 2017/04/06 21:36, 2017/06/28 18:04

Does “to monitor” mean that you have to eat something unpalatable?

Last time I ate something tasty just today. (?) It was cutlets with crispy pickled cucumbers. Like for me it's a delicious dish

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/16 15:23, 2017/06/28 18:05

Yes, you are right. Everything we do is so wholesome. (?) if you eat unhealthy food, only it in moderation. So… do you have a problem with that or not?

AlexAlex, 2017/04/16 21:09, 2017/06/28 18:06

I didn't quite understand what kind of problem do you mean? If I had health problems because of some food, I would immediately stop the consumption of it

What is the most exotic food you've ever eaten?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/17 08:23, 2017/06/28 18:07

Harmful food should be used in moderation, no matter you have health problems or no. I ate Fruits from Thailand. It is the most exotic food for me. So, mango,mangosteen,durian, sugar apple, rambutan….
What is the most exotic food you've ever eaten?)))

AlexAlex, 2017/04/19 23:43

I'm not sure whether you can consider a pomelo as an exotic food 'cause it's sold in almost any store:), but for me this fruit is an exotic one.

What do you mean by harmful food?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/20 13:08, 2017/04/21 13:24

Such as sparkling water, fried food, flour meal..etc. That food should be consumed in moderation. What kind of harmful food have you eat?

AlexAlex, 2017/04/25 13:11, 2017/04/25 13:12

According to this list, I'd say that about half of my food is unhealthy, but I don't overeat it.

What about you? Do you have harmful eating habits?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/04/29 19:47, 2017/04/29 19:51

Of course there are…. I'm trying to watch my nutrition, but one can't always avoid it. Yesterday for example: I had breakfast at 10 a.m., one had lunch at 6 p.m. I have a lot of hard work now, because May holidays will come soon.
Do you have hungry or well-fed days?

AlexAlex, 2017/05/01 00:09

My days are always moderate-fed.

It was a nice chat. Have a good week and Bon Appetit!:)

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