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Виталя vs Алеша (Topic - Weekend)

Проведите беседу в форме чата на тему Weekend. По 10 реплик-высказываний с каждой стороны, приветствия и прощания не считаются. Необходимо использовать тематическую лексику. Оценивается идиоматичность речи и степень андерстейтмента (чем меньше, тем лучше). Главный критерий качества - коммуникативно-лингвистическая релевантность речи. Накопительная система баллов/очков.


AlexAlex, 2017/03/17 20:13

Hello, Vitali!
What're your plans for the weekend?

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/03/19 09:10

Hi, Alex! I had my business trip and came back from Samara last night. So, the first part of my weekend is gone. But I travelled by train and had some good hours with books and pillow. Today, the weather is nice and I'm going to have a walk in the nearest park. What about you?

AlexAlex, 2017/03/19 10:37

I'd like to visit Samara someday. Was it your first time in this city? As for my weekend, yesterday I cycled, chatted with friends and watched a movie. And today I work.

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/03/19 12:25

Yes, it was my first time there. All in all, the city is interesting. I would say that it's divided into two parts, the old one and the new one, and the parts do not conflict with each other (I mean the architects of Samara don't ruin old to build new). The old part goes along the left bank of the Volga and consists of two- or three-storied buildings which were built before the revolution. The buildings and the streets look lovely although quite neglected somewhere. Another part of the city lays farther from the river and there are a lot of modern blocks of flats which are quite boring for visitors.

What are your bicycle routes (is it city parks or special tracks) and, by the way, why do you work on Sunday? Is your weekend shifted usually?

AlexAlex, 2017/03/19 20:22

Thank you for such a detailed story about the city. As if I have been there and walked the streets and embankments by myself. Have you visited any sights?

At first I was going to take a ride in the park, which is near my home. But the route had to be changed, 'cause the park paths after the snow fell turned out to be an obstacle courses for off-roaders. So I chose a regular road and drove about 15 km.
My weekend isn't shifted but halved. Saturday is only free day. This is because I work with children with developmental disorders and many of them can only come at the weekend.

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/03/21 13:23

Not lots of the sights, I had my study there and time was quite limited. But it turned out that Samara is a city closely related to the space industry of our country and they have the little space museum where you can see some jet engines, satellites and other products which they produce. The most impressive thing is a full-scale space rocket installed next to the museum.

I think it's a noble way of spending your weekend helping your patients. Could I say that you also have a good and useful experience in place of your free time? But don't you regret it sometimes? I mean what do you think is it enough for a person to have only one day off?

AlexAlex, 2017/03/23 22:38

I real envy people who can watch a live rocket launch

Can people get inside the Samara-rocket?

Well, I'm not exactly Mother Teresa:) This is, of course, interesting, but a normal job. In addition, it doesn't require me 8 hours a day, so I have my free time. And the last free time I read the book by Roland Barth about semiotics.

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