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-====== ​======+====== ​Written Expression  ​======
 +<color brown>​**Задание**</​color>​
 +Минимизируйте вербальную часть предложения до критической степени сохранения сообщения:​
 +1. Wild horses, which once roamed freely over the grasslands of Europe, Asia, and Africa, are found only in isolated patches of Southeastern Africa and Eastern Asia now.
 +2. In a digital camera, light entering the camera is focused on a charged coupled device, or CCD, which converts light energy into a charged electron.
 +3. A major stumbling block in the development of a viable hydrogen-fueled car is the expectation of many drivers that the vehicle will travel at least 300 miles before needing to refuel.
 +4. Prior to the development of germ theory, John Snow, a London physician, was able to halt an outbreak of cholera by restricting access to a water pump that he suspected was contributing to the spread of the disease.
 +5. Cores of ice, drilled from glaciers in Greenland and the Antarctic, provide climatologists with valuable data on Earth'​s prehistoric climate, including changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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