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Рома vs Евгений - Синтагмирование - A Birthday Present

По цепочке по предложениям разметьте текст на синтагмы так, как он прочитан носителем.

Образец: There once / was a man and a woman | who had been married | for more / than 60 | years. ||

/ - удлинение финального гласного звука или акцентированная ассимиляция в случае согласных на стыке синтагм
| - пауза краткая (как обычно на запятой)
|| - пауза долгая (как обычно на точке)

Derek was a little boy. He lived with his parents in a small house in a town. They did not have a big garden. Derek liked animals very much. One day he said to his father, “I've got a little money, Daddy. Can I buy a pony, please?” But his father answered, “No, Derek, we can't have a pony in the garden, because it's too small and we haven't got a field. People who keep ponies in small gardens without a field are unkind. Ponies need a lot of space.” Derek did not want to be unkind to a pony, so he did not ask his father again.
But then his father got a job in another place, and he and his family left their small house in the town and went and lived in a bigger house in the country. It had a nice garden and a field, and Derek was very happy. There was a farm near their new house, and there were horses, cows and a few sheep there. Derek went to see them every day. He was five years old now, and he began to think of a pony again. “My birthday is next month,” he thought. “Perhaps Daddy will buy me a pony then.” After a little time, he began to talk about ponies to his parents again. Then his birthday came. His parents gave him a few nice presents — but there was no pony. Derek was sad. But then suddenly his Uncle Tom arrived. He was a farmer — and he had a big pony with him. “Hello, Derek,” Uncle Tom said, “Happy birthday. This is your birthday present from me and Aunt Mary.” Derek was a little afraid, because the pony was very big. He looked at it for a few minutes and then he said to his uncle, “Is he for me, or am I for him?”

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