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-====== Алеша vs Гриша- Синтагмирование - Mr Anderson ====== 
-//По цепочке по предложениям разметьте текст на синтагмы так, как он прочитан носителем.//  
-**Образец**: There once | was a man and a woman | who had been married | for more | than 60 | years. || 
-Mr Anderson lives in a big city in America, and last year he came to England to visit the small town which his father had come from. 
-There was a big, square garden in this town, and one day, while Mr Anderson was walking past, he stopped outside it and looked in. There was beautiful grass in the middle of the garden. It was green and short and soft. 
-A gardener was watering it, and Mr Anderson said to him, "Good morning. Is this your garden?" 
-"No," answered the gardener, "it isn't mine, but I work here." 
-"How do people get such beautiful lawns?" Mr Anderson asked. "Ours are never as good as this." 
-The gardener stopped his work and looked at Mr Anderson. Then he said, "You come from America, don't you?" 
-Mr Anderson answered, "Yes, but my father came from this town." 
-"Well," the gardener said, "it's easy to grow lawns like this." He asked Mr Anderson to come in, and said, "Let me tell you about it." 
-Mr Anderson went into the garden. "My name's Anderson," he said to the gardener, "Joe Anderson. What's yours?" 
-"My name's Gray," the gardener answered, "Pete Gray. Now about the lawns. First we sow our seeds; then when the grass appears, we pull all the weeds out; after that, we cut the grass every week, we water it every day when the weather is very dry during the summer season, and we sometimes roll it." 
-"Oh," Mr Anderson answered, "that's very interesting, Pete. And how long does it take before the lawn becomes like this?" 
-The gardener thought for a few moments and then answered, "Oh, about four hundred years." 
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