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-====== Синтагмоделение - (De Vision - When the world disappeared) ====== 
-Artist : De Vision 
-Title : When the world disappeared 
-Like a tree bare of leaves 
-Down on my knees 
-Unwilling to please 
-Wrong side of the track 
-Stabbed in the back 
-Just mending the cracks 
-Then you came down my way 
-And all the things you'd say were amazing 
-And the world disappeared 
-All the clouds and the rain 
-I could hardly explain how I felt 
-When the world disappeared 
-And eternal spring was growing within 
-Go, give me a thrill 
-Dress up to kill 
-I'm tied to your will dig. 
-Find the unfound 
-Nailed to the ground 
-I don't hear a sound 
-Absence of the mind 
-Potential suicide 
-Out of time now 
-When the world disappeared 
-Flowers perfumed the air 
-You make me so aware of me 
-When the world disappeared 
-All my sorrow and pain 
-'cause the world couldn't tame her 
-When the world disappeared 
-As you whisper my name 
-Pouring oil on the flame I feel 
-When the world disappeared 
-I confess all my sin 
-While you're letting God in 
-<color brown>**Задание**:</color> 
-Разметьте текст песни на синтагмы как они пропеваются в песне. 
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