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Аудирование - self-reading 3 - Алеша vs Рома

Подберите текст с прецизионной информацией, начитайте его и выложите как задание для аудирования. Сформулируйте один-два вопроса на проверку вдумчивости, внимательности, критичности и т.п. при восприятии речи на слух.


AlexAlex, 2017/08/08 22:13

What was the problem?

РомаРома, 2017/08/14 20:03, 2017/08/14 20:03

The problem was in “with no”/“without” usage. I think that native, who have been asked for “burger with no meat”, get the concept of a burger made with no meat from the very beginning, but the one, who have been asked for “burger without meat” thinks that client wants meat to be withdrawn from the burger.

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