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Word Building - Алеша vs Виталий

Предложите друг другу по 10 высказываний на английском языке на словообразование.


They left him without any help. → They left him helpless.


Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/07/24 14:58

It's getting dark.

AlexAlex, 2017/09/04 21:52

не могу найти замену

I slept for so long that I was late for work.

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/09/13 07:27

Я думал, что “Darkness is falling.” подойдет.

I was a sleeper so I was late for work.

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2017/11/29 19:24

The doctor treats him with antibiotics.

AlexAlex, 2018/01/08 17:30

He recieves a treatment with antibiotics.

A bus transported us to our hotel promptly and comfortably.

Vitali SolomeinVitali Solomein, 2018/01/12 20:19

не понял, что имелось ввиду

He didn't say a word at in spite of he had been expected to say something.

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