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Возвратные местоимения - Reflexive Pronouns

I (я) – myself (я сам); -ся
You (ты) – yourself (ты сам); -ся
He (он) – himself (он сам); -ся
She (она) – herself (она сама); -ся
It (оно) – itself (оно само); -ся
We (мы) – ourselves (мы сами); -ся
You (вы) – yourselves (вы сами); -ся
They (они) – themselves (они сами); -ся
One (он, кто-то неопределенный) – oneself (сам); -ся

“Love, In Itself”

All of these insurmountable tasks
That lay before me
All of the firsts
And the definite lasts
That lay in store for me

There was a time
When all on my mind was love
Now I find
That most of the time
Love's not enough
In itself

I've a tendency
To be unhappy, you see
The thoughts in my head
All the words that were said
All the blues and the reds
Get to me

All of the absurdities
That lay before us
All of the doubts
And the uncertainties
That lay in store for us

Вопросы и задания:

1. Как следует перевести структуру Noun + in + Reflexive Pronoun?
2. Укажите различие между Я оделся сам. и Я оделся. Я одел себя.

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