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 +====== dwarfs vs. dwarves ======
 +<color brown>​**Задания**:</​color>​
 +1. //​Образуйте множественное число://​
 +2. //​Переведите предложения на русский язык и напишите транскрипцию (в помощь:​ http://​​Online/​Text2Phonetics.aspx) выделенных слов.//
 +1. She **lives** through a lot of trouble.\\
 +2. It's not easy to perform before a **live** audience.\\
 +3. No boat could **live** in such a storm.\\
 +4. Three **lives** were saved by his brave act.\\
 +5. He was the **life** of the party.\\
 +6. A cat has nine **lives**.\\
 +7. That made me the happiest man **alive**.\\
 +8. **Live** questions arose soon.
 +<color brown>​**Вопрос**:</​color>​
 +В чем смысловая разница между //​dwar**fs**//​ и //​dwar**ves**//?​
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