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-====== disappear vs. fade away ======+====== disappear vs. fade away (Golf) ​======
-<color brown>​**Вопрос**:</color>+{{http://​​files/​lessons-with-laughter/​82-golf/​golf-40.gif?​300 }}
-Какая семантическая разница (= диф. семы) между **disappear** = //​исчезать//​ и **fade away** = //​исчезать//?​\\+There was a huge explosion and smoke filled the air. When the smoke **cleared** Winston was standing in a daze but there was a deep crater where the vicar had been standing. As the deafening clap of thunder that followed the lightning **faded away**, a deep authoritative voice from the heavens said, ... . 
 +<color brown>​**Вопросы**:</​color>​ 
 +1. Какая семантическая разница (= диф. семы) между **disappear** = //​исчезать//​ и **fade away** = //​исчезать//?​\\ 
 +2. Почему в отрывке (см. выше) **disappear** не сочетается с //​smoke/​clap//?​ 
 +<color brown>​**Задание**:</​color>​ 
 +Придумайте и запишите свои контексты для disappear/​fade away/clear.
 {{tag>}} {{tag>}}
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