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still vs. steal vs. steel и др. (homophones)



Выпишите омофоны из предложений.

1. Is is always difficult to leave a town where I like to live.
2. How you steal our swag and figure you still yourself?
<poem> 3. Steel bird, steel bird, steal me away. I'm all done, all done living in the dirt. Always, all ways. Either way. I spent all my money on wine and cigarettes. </poem>
4. Leaving Russia. Please check the departure date on your visa before buying your tickets.
5. It is just 5 Reasons I Love To Live In Russia.
6. The new government fell heir to all the problems of the old one — новому правительству от старого достались.
7. There was an air of poverty — на всём лежала печать нужды.
8. Every male who had attained the age of eighteen — все лица мужского пола, достигшие восемнадцатилетнего возраста.
9. I had a lot of mail last week — на прошлой неделе я получил много писем.


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