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 //Переведите на русский язык.// //Переведите на русский язык.//
-1. The two letters are very like.\\ +1. The two letters are very **like**.\\ 
-2. Like causes produce like results.\\ +2. **Like** causes produce **like** results.\\ 
-3. What is he like?\\ +3. What is he **like**?\\ 
-4. I like people to tell the truth.\\ +4. I **like** people to tell the truth.\\ 
-5. Like father, like son.\\ +5. **Like** father, **like** son.\\ 
-6. She looks very much like her mother.\\ +6. She looks very much **like** her mother.\\ 
-7. Something like 3 miles\\ +7. Something **like** 3 miles\\ 
-8. She can't cook like her mother does.\\ +8. She can't cook **like** her mother does.\\ 
-9. She likes him but does not love him.+9. She **likes** him but does not love him.
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