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make vs do - Данил vs Владимир

1. What are you — such a fuss about, Peter?
2. I'm not all surprised that she doesn't want to go with you. She'll just have to be — to, though.
3. Oh, look! You've spilled some soup and — a mess of the carpet.
4. Here are the financial reports, Maurice. We do not want you to have the slightest suspicion that you are being — out of your fair share of the company's profits.
5. I have to ask you to — me a great favour, Jenny.
6. I don't know why he's not — progress with his English.
7. Good students hate — spelling mistakes.
8. She'll have her hair — before she goes to the party.
9. Don't — so much fuss over having to type the report again.
10. They — fun of her because she couldn't pronounce the word correctly.

По цепочке по одному предложению заполните пропуск make или do и переведите на русский язык.

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make vs do - Алексей К. vs Владимир

1. It doesn't — to interrupt him while he's concentrating.
2. Jennifer, this is typed very badly, I'm afraid you'll have to — it again.
3. I can't think why you're so angry. I haven't — anything wrong.
4. Under that very clever — up it was difficult to recognise Anthony Quinn.
5. I think I'll — my homework now and get it finished with.
6. She's going to bed. She says she feels as bit — up after so much walking.
7. This medicine tasted awful, I know, but it will — you well again.
8. I think I could — a bookcase out of these pieces of wood.
9. Whatever have you — with my scissors, Jim?
10. Did you — what I asked you to, Tom?

По цепочке по одному предложению заполните пропуск make или do и переведите на русский язык.

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make vs do - Алёша vs Максим

1.“Where is Mary?” “She is — the beds, I think”.
2. Nine times six — fifty-four.
3. A glass of burgundy would — you good tonight.
4. We must get some new curtains — .
5. They have — him the Chairman of the Board.
6. Have you — a lot of work today?
7. Has she — that new chair he promised me?
8. They seem to be — a lot of changes in their plans.
9. Try not to — any noise for the next half hour.
10. No, we didn't feel like — anything else, so we went home early.

По цепочке по одному предложению заполните пропуск make или do и переведите на русский язык.

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Алёша vs Максим - Атрибутивные группы

Предложите визуальный исходный материал для образования атрибутивной группы. По 10 с каждой стороны.


Первая сторона находит подходящее изображение для образования атрибутивной группы и вставляет в комментарий в коде: {{http://адрес/название файла.jpg/gif/png}}


Вторая сторона составляет атрибутивную группу и предлагает свой вариант ее перевода на русский язык:

a new philips 5-watt led light bulb - новая светодиодная ламп(очк)а мощностью пять ватт производства/фирмы Филипс

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гипероним vs гипоним - Данил vs Владимир


По цепочке предложите друг другу по 10 пар/троек гипонимов на английском языке по образцу.


Первая сторона предлагает ряд слов, которые являются гипонимами:

a table
a chair
a cupboard

Вторая сторона выделяет общий смысловой признак и предлагает гипероним:


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