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General Questions (THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT) - Роман vs Алёша

A woman needed to buy her mother a birthday present. She didn’t know what to buy her
mother. She only had one day to buy her mother something.
So she went out window shopping. Soon enough, she walked by a pet store window. She
thought to herself, “What a lovely idea for a present! My mother is so lonely and she needs a
The woman went into the store and saw many wonderful animals. Puppy dogs, fluffy cats,
gold fish, cute mice. But the woman didn’t think these were special enough. She asked the
manager if he had a pet that was really special.
The manager thought for a moment and replied, “Yes, but it costs a lot of money. $5,000”
“I have a parrot that can speak 7 languages, Chinese, English, French, Korean, German,
Russian and even Hindi!”
The woman said, “Perfect” and bought the bird. She sent it by special delivery to her mother,
so she would get it the next day.
The next evening after work, the woman called her mother. She asked, “How do you like
your birthday present.”
Her mother replied, “Thank you, IT’S DELICIOUS!”

По цепочке предложите друг другу по 10 общих вопросов к тексту на краткий ответ.


Первая сторона:

Did the woman need to buy her mother a birthday present?

Вторая сторона:

She did.


AlexAlex, 2019/04/17 22:19

Did the woman know what to buy her mother?

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