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Синтаксис в контексте (A friend in need is a friend indeed.) - Вадим vs Роман

Once there lion upon a in a time lived a forest. One a heavy day after meal it under was sleeping a tree. After while a, there mouse and came a it started on the to play lion. Suddenly got the lion up and with its nice anger looked who for those disturbed sleep. Then a small it saw mouse with standing trembling fear. The jumped on lion it and kill started to it. The requested the mouse lion to it forgive. The lion and left felt pity it. The ran mouse away.
On day another, a hunter the caught in a lion was net by. The there and mouse came cut the net. Thus escaped it. There after, the mouse lion became and the friends. They afterwards happily in lived the forest.

По цепочке по предложению расположите слова в предложениях в такой последовательности, чтобы получился связный текст.


RomanRoman, 2019/02/28 20:17

Once upon a time there lived a lion in the forest

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